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Ashes in Winter

Ashes in Winter

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Surviving the winter will only be half the battle...

At the height of a brutal Canadian winter, the world as everyone knew it, came crashing down to leave the survivors reeling in the ashes of their fallen nation.

A resilient sales manager, Derek Moss never thought he'd lead the defense of a remote ranch in Northern Ontario. But when Cecelie, a small-time politician turned warlord, and her raiders assault the people in the small town of Whitefish, it's up to Derek to protect it-or watch his friends and family in the small town of Whitefish die.

In the now distant city of Sudbury, Derek's longtime friend, Daniel must protect a small group of survivors huddling to survive in the ruined City Hall or starve to death as the heat fails and supplies run out. And in High Falls, Daniel's brother Garrett must keep his people from becoming the very raiders he defended them from...

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