Beyond Keywords: Taking Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Every so often, the digital marketing industry shifts in a massive way… or, more likely, it’s a series of tiny steps that add up to the landslide.

Digital Marketing in 2022 Will Not Be The Same As Previous Years

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about the shifting sands that make up digital marketing, so I won’t get into the details or history that have led up to this.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are related to SEO, and sometimes not so much. However, even when they aren’t directly related to your SEO you should really pay attention to what they are and what they’re doing… or not doing… for your website and content.

A keyword is how you’re found. Someone types into Google or Bing, or another search engine, a series of words (I bet you thought it would be just one!) but more often a phrase, such as:

  1. What new books are coming out in 2022?
  2. What’s in theatres near me?
  3. Who has the best rates on insurance for my house (or car, or life, or?)

If your site doesn’t have at least a close keyword string on a relevant page to answer the questions your customers are asking, then they will not find you. Plain and simple.

The Days of Simple Keywords Are Over… Full Stop

Back in the day, when you ran a search, all you typed in was what it was you were looking for. You didn’t phrase it as a question or put it into any sort of sentence because that would have confused the search engine. If you were looking for car insurance, that’s all you typed out.

However, now people are asking full questions as they would to a human being.

They are expecting similar answers back.

Digital Marketing Goes Conversational

So, how do you want to be spoken to? I’m sure the answer is easy… like a human. If you ask a human-sounding question, what you’ll want is not a flat list but an as close to human response as you can get from a website without talking to the human behind it.


You want to learn about that human being before you talk to them and if they’re even someone you want to talk to.

Now, if you’re like that, so are your customers (perhaps even more so!) which means you have to inspect not only your content (and how approachable that is) but also your website as well. Does the copywriting feel conversational? Inviting? It can be formal, depending on your business, but it still needs to feel like a human is speaking with you instead of at you.

And, trust me, there is a difference. It’s that something you just can’t put your finger on but when a site has it, you feel it.

I promise I’ll have some tips on how to do just that in a later post, but this one is getting a bit long already.

Digital Marketing Goes Visual

And I don’t mean just with some stock pictures so people have something to look at instead of a wall of text. I mean pictures that are unique and have to do directly with your content.

However, if you’re in a pinch and stock is the only option, then use it. Something is still far better than nothing.

So why is that?

There’s a huge switch to using visual searches. People are taking pictures of what they want and then searching using those photos to find it. This means if you have a physical catalogue, this is going to be massive for you! By putting that picture into a search engine—yes, you can do that… go here for Google’s version of just that – just hit the camera in the search bar and upload a picture, or the instructions are here for an Android device. If you don’t have a physical catalogue, your digital marketer will just have to get creative. (And, yes, I can do that for you!)

Is there more to it than this? You betcha.

But, before I talk your ear off, I’m going to leave it here and I’ll pick it back up in a later post.

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