Yes, that is a massive site wide update.

In the past few days, my website has undergone a sweeping change and while there are still a few tweaks to make I’m happy with it. The largest change is the double migration. First, I migrated the entire site from Wix to Shopify and now I’ve migrated again to WordPress itself. There was a method […]

The Low Down on Spam

It’s the (thankfully) endless inbox alerts only to find that in between the real customers reaching out there are at least four more messages that are spam instead. Don’t get me wrong, a busy inbox is a good inbox but spam drives down productivity because now you have to filter through that to find the real client emails.

Getting back on track healthwise… My Epic Fail.

Long story short – don’t ignore warning signs, especially if you have an early warning system like a smartwatch with that ability. In fact, if not for the said smartwatch, we still wouldn’t know about the possible other issues past the anxiety attack. Get one. Doesn’t have to be something expensive, or even new, but get one.

Trying to get back on track health wise

Trying to make positive lifestyle changes is like this: Studies say one thing will increase health and another will say it’s bad. I get that things change as information and research increases understanding but it makes things damn difficult to figure out. Also, my lifestyle and how busy things are (and how sideways things are […]


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